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Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes 2011

I thought I would be hugely disappointed by Golden Globe fashion last night but surprisingly I didn't think it was all that disastrous.
I have a couple of obvious best dressed choices and a couple that I know ended up on other worst dressed lists but hey I liked them!
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Anne Hathaway was her usual radiant self in Armani Prive.
I know she completely relies on Rachel Zoe so it isn't technically "personal" style but she always looks so beautiful and so perfect for every event I can't help but adore her style!
Long sleeves, strong shoulders, backless- she followed every trend and still managed to be the best dressed of the night!

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I know this will be a controversial choice. OK! Julianne didn't really pull it off but at least she had the courage to try! The half-necklace collar, the draping, the waist, the shocking pink color it is a BEAUTIFUL dress. I think part of the problem is not being able to see it in motion because when I saw her on the red carpet it moved and flowed BEAUTIFULLY! I just wish someone had steamed it beforehand- what is with all of those crazy wrinkles?!

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Kind of obsessed with this Calvin Klein on Claire Danes. Simple, elegant, sexy- what more could you ask for? I love the wonder woman-esque cuff since it adds a bit of a tougher personality to the look!

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OK I know it might be a little too obviously sexy. But just the construction alone of this dress is mind boggling since even the, er, bodice, portion was made entirely of weaved fringe. I appreciate a well made dress. Plus, if I had January Jones' body I'd wear it too!
I thought she looked like a true bombshell in this Versace.
If you've got it sometimes its okay to flaunt it.

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14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld looked age-appropriate and stylish rather than living out a prom princess fantasy like some girls *ahem* Carrie Underwood and Lea Michelle!
How many tweens do you know would choose the under the radar but super cool Prabel Gurung for their first big Hollywood night? I hope this is the first of many big red carpet moments for Hailee because I can't wait to see her style evolve!

And finally my personal favorite of the evening...
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Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton!
I don't understand why so many people hated this look so much! I thought she looked beautiful! The fabric is amazing but I especially adored the sheer sleeves and the subtle print! I don't care what anyone else says- it was FABULOUS!


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

i agree w/ most of these. while i thought leighton looked beautiful..her face was kinda miserable everytime i saw her on tv! cmon girl, smile! haha

fashion consultant for men said...

i think anne hathaway is really gorgeous with her gown. Its perfectly simple. leighton meester on the other hand is just glamorously elegant. She is stunning and I think she is he best representation of their series gossip girls.

oscar award owner said...

I like Anne Hathaway's backless gown. Its excelente! On the other hand, Julianne Moore's derss is..ugh.. I dunno how to put it. Not so good looking on her. Its like a strap jacket. Sorry just my opinion as a fashionista.
Overall, I wanna say thank you for gathering all these photos. Its truly a pleasure to be in your beautiful blog. I appreciate your effort on this thing. Awesome work. See you on your next one.

Tazz Gault said...

I really do like the way you have written inbetween each picture, rather than just using small tags. Makes it far more interesting!

Please check it out - I'm new and trying ha!

ps. I'm gonna follow :)

MissNeira said...

I had a post like that too! and totally missed her look!

Miss Neira

Katie said...

You know what... Overall, I would say that in general celebrities are entirely overrated. That being said, Love Anne Hathaways dress. Beauty

julie said...

These are all so lovely! One of my favorites was Angelina Jolie's green dress. Fabulous!

Cheers! -julie

Angie Aquarius said...

I totally agree! I love love love Leightons dress! It looks sooo beautiful and amazing! I think she was the best dressed person on the red carpet!

*From Munich With Love*

Jane Alisa said...

Lovely post. January & Leighton were my favorites. xoxo

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