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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celine Pre-Fall 2011

I'm not usually a huge Celine fan- even though I like Phoebe Philo- but something about this collection really speaks to me right now.
While I'm never a fan of iridescent pants- seriously, why even attempt something so heinous?- the mere construction of the pieces is enough to make me swoon.
Philo has a knack for beautiful tailoring and infusing even the most boyish of looks with playful femininity.
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Maybe its because of how stalled I've felt lately but there is something about this wearable collection that feels so grown up and right the moment.
My favorite piece of the whole collection?
The silky, slouchy black jumpsuit that Phoebe herself wore last month when she picked up the British Fashion Council award for Designer of the Year.
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Me said...

2nd piccie down is beautiful :) *wishes she had it in her wardrobe* lol! ♥ xxxx www.makinglifemorebeautiful.co.uk

Ms. Style Bones said...

I love that leather t-shirt in the picture with the leopard print skirt...
Great post! I gave you a follow.

Here is a link to my blog if you wish to check it out!


Sunniva said...

So many elegant pieces! I want them all xoxo

Becca Jane said...

All of these are so classy and pretty!

Noelani said...

I am obsessed with Celine right now. I NEED some of the new sunnies and the purses, I could wax poetic about the bags for days. I LOVE this collection. No wrong, they can do no wrong.

PS, thanks for the blogroll add!

MissNeira said...

Mmm love the burgundy and leopard..yum!

<a href="http://www.missneira.com>Miss Neira</a>

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