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Friday, March 4, 2011

Paris Fashion Week F/W 2011: Dior

Any interest in this season's Dior show was obviously overshadowed by John Galliano's antics this past week. And that's a shame because Galliano's final collection for Dior, though disjointed, was beautiful.
From the jewel-tone Bohemia in the beginning to the romantic sheer final gowns there was a lot to love at Dior today. There were certainly weak moments and the overall styling was a bit disastrous (the fake fur need to go!) but when the looks were broken down to pieces there was a lot of wear-ability.
Certainly the accessories (where I imagine Dior makes the bulk of its sales along with cosmetics) were impeccable and sure to become best sellers.
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One of the things that I personally find so troubling about Galliano's recent anti-semitic comments is that the story of the house of Dior is so wrapped up with the World War 2 era.
They opened today's show with a speech that didn't condemn Galliano as a person but did condemn his words and explained how Dior moved to lighten the burden of the war from the shoulders of all women through fashion and fantasy.

Thanks to NowFashion.Com for the pictures!


vanitytheft said...

such a lovely post! The collection was very disjointed I thought, but mesmerising all the same. I will never fault Galliano as a designer, because he is an absolute genius. It is just an awful shame that he let those opinions and substances get the better of him. I think it was very right that he was fired and made an example of, so that Dior aren't associated with that kind of attitudes. Loved your post! :) xo

Bostonista said...

I agree I thought it felt a bit disjointed since it started with a jewel-tone bohemian feeling and then moved into the crowd please pastels. But it all had a sense of the romantic and of the Victorian era don't you think?

styleonthecouch said...

I feel I must separate the talent of Galliano from his actions whilst viewing these pictures even though I know it is not that simple. There were many pieces here I liked, the boots especially, and the sheer gowns... thanks for sharing the images...

byMelody said...

Loved the Dior collection! :)
Cute blog as well!
x Melody

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