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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 2011 Style

My April Obsessions...

Lavender Nails:
Like everyone else right now I'm addicted to lavender nail polish. I'd been trying to get my hands on Essie's much coveted Liliacism (as seen below) but it seems to be sold out everywhere!
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Lilacism is a sheer, almost white purple while the new Nice is Nice from Essie's French Affair collection is a deeper purple with undertones of gray. I finally found Nice is Nice at a local Target today and it looks exactly on trend once its applied!
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White Lace Mini-Dresses:
Ever since I saw MK in this white, lace dress at the premiere of New York Minute in 2004 I've been in love with short, white lace dresses.
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A few months after the premiere both girls rocked white lace dress by Magda Berliner and my love was cemented.
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Until recently I never felt thin enough to actually try the look out- lets face it sheer tight white is not exactly an easy look to wear. But this spring and summer I'm throwing caution to the wind and hunting for the ultimate white lace dress. Perhaps something along the lines of this sweet little number...
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Hot Pink Lips:
Classic red lips have never really worked on me. I'm pale, blonde and doll faced so you'd think they'd work on me in a Scarlett Johansson sort of bombshell way but, for whatever reason, they just don't.
But how else to get a powerful pout?
I'm turning to hot pink lipstick.
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I'd read that both Kate and Alexis were wearing Clarin's Hot Pink Joli Rouge lipstick so I ran out to get it. I ended up with two colors of La Rouge Parisian Pink and Hot Pink. While both of them are certainly pretty neither achieved the look I was going for so my search continues!
Does anyone have any hot pink suggestions?


Candace said...

Love the pink lippy!! I wore Girl About Town by MAC this weekend and I loved it.

MissNeira said...

Sooo how funny is this I bought lavender nail polish this weekend AS WELL as a mini lace dress from TULLE ANDDDDD I am looking for a hot pink lipstick!! thanks for the suggestions!

Miss Neira

Kinsey Michaels said...

lots of fun spring loves Kara!
i really like the Essie nail color you picked up. it's right on trend. as for the lace dresses, if you don't want to spend too much, forever 21 has come out with a bunch lately, but they sell out quick on their website!

Lesley said...

love the lavender nails! and even though i certainly cannot pull off hot pink anything, those lips look great. i love that neon-ish colors are suddenly so in now!

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love the lilac nail polishes -- perfect for Easter!

Bostonista said...

Hi girls!
Thanks for the replies!
Candace- I will definitely try MAC's Girl About Town!
Neira- I'm going to have see this tulle dress!!
Kinsey- I checked out the f21 dresses but they weren't really what I was looking for and I'm never sure about the sizing there. I'll keep looking!!! thanks!
Lesley- I think there is a hot pink lip for everyone out there!
Kate- I think of easter eggs every time I look at my nails lately! Hopefully by then there will be tulips and warm weather!!

Stephani Bryant said...

Oh my gosh those dresses!! White lace, you are so right, it's hard to pull off whether stick skinny or not! Either its killer, like the dress Ashley is wearing, or can look like a giant doily attacking. I think I'll take your advice and go for it this spring... white lace dress, you're about to be mine!
-Steph B

fashiononthecouch said...

Reiss have a lovely lace dress, tinged with gold colour, that you might like? It has an underlay too. Hope you tell us if you find the perfect dress...


Bostonista said...

I checked out the Reiss website but I thought they were like H&M the prices sort of threw me off a little!

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