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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chanel Resort 2012

Yesterday Karl Lagerfeld staged the Chanel Resort 2012 at the world's most expensive hotel, Hotel du Cap in Antibes!
There was a lot of over the top extravagance but that was the only cohesive theme in the collection.
I'm usually a blind Chanel/Karl fan but I felt confused by this collection.
From the too long, mid-calf skirts to the thong boots there was a lot of ugly to ponder. There was also beach wear, suits, day dresses, gowns for galas, and messy prints. With some menswear thrown in for good measure.
Of course resort is in stores the longest so the lack of cohesion could be explained by the fact that it needs to cover everything that a Chanel client could want in that time.
There are some lovely pieces and looks scattered throughout. I especially loved all the yellow which I'm craving this summer. It just wasn't enough to make me love this collection.

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(Thanks to The Fashion Spot & Style.Com for the pictures!)


Raspberry & Rouge said...

Great images!! Love it! XO Raspberry & Rouge

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Look #4 is my fave here! i loved reading Nina Garcia's tweets about this presentation.

Noelani said...

Oh lordy. I love Karl but I think he had a slight hiccup with the thong boots. Why would I want to cover my legs when it is warm? Heaven help me if these become popular.

Kristen said...

I kind of love the swimsuit (image 6) but Sweet Karl Sandwich, those boots are weird. I must agree with Noelani and hope they don't catch on - if thse look bad, can you imagine what the Forever 21 knock-offs will look like?

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