Mindless Self Indulgence: Bostonista & RichXRuse | Bostonista: Mindless Self Indulgence: Bostonista & RichXRuse

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mindless Self Indulgence: Bostonista & RichXRuse

If you read my blog regularly you know I'm not one for "outfit" posts or going on and on about my personal style.
My style tends to be jeans and nice accessories- pretty boring stuff.

But when I met the girls behind one of my favorite online shopping spots, RichXRuse, I knew I'd have to overlook my lack of modeling skills to share my take on some of their current pieces.
If you're not familiar RichXRuse carries a few pieces from smaller designers that fit into a "theme" that changes each season. Its a great way to shop for full outfits- jewelry included!

Sidney Striped Sweater by Brandi Melville C/O RichXRuse, skinny jeans by J Brand, shirt by Old Navy, leopard boots by Loeffler Randall, bracelets by Lord & Taylor and Alex & Ani.

And if (for some reason) you want to see more of my style and shopping then check out my Pose account on Pose.com or with their mobile app!


chillairandperfume said...

First of all, I'm glad you overcame your fear. You look great :)

Second, I really like all of this RichXRuse stuff, especially that
Sidney Striped Sweater!


Bostonista said...

Aw thanks for the encouragement!

Shanna-Marie Beattie said...

Looks great! I would do more outfit/style posts if I were you. Honestly, I felt odd about doing them at first. If something inspires you though, you should put it out there and share it. I'm inspired everyday by my peers and their outfit posts, so I try to pay it forward!! That first dress and look is amazing!

Bostonista said...

Thanks Shanna! I really appreciate the positive feedback! I think I might do more style posts in the future!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Really cute striped sweater- I can see that working with a lot of looks!

Marissa said...

I have the same leopard booties! :) You're so brave to do an outfit posts. I'm just like you and almost never put myself on my blog, by your photos came out great!

mademoiselle from montreal said...

What an entrancing lady! Hehe anything you wear looks perfect suits to you. I really envy your style.

Noelani said...

It is scary putting yourself out there but the results are fabulous!! I remember when I first started doing outfit posts, they felt awkward, but trust me it gets easier!! And I hope you do more!

The Boston Fashionista said...

I LOVE that dress! And love the outfit shots - did you have fun taking then photos???

DiscoRenata said...

Love the stripes!! Do you ever enlist your new puppy to do photo shoots with you? I bet shes super stylish :)



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