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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Celebrity Moment: Elle Fanning in Teen Vogue!

Is it weird that even though I'm 26 my current fashion inspiration is 13-year-old Elle Fanning?
Probably, but I'm not alone in my Elle-fandom as she's been whole heartedly embraced by the fashion industry this past year.

(A hilarious conversation between my older brother and I ensued when I was reading Vogue's 2011 best dressed special issue a few weeks back. He flipped through it and was completely confused by the Fanning sister's being included. When I protested that Elle was "amazing"and "everyone in fashion is obsessed with her", he kept saying, "But she's a kid! She's 13! This isn't OK!" He and I will have to agree to disagree on that one!)

Elle has the Mulleavy stamp of approval and that's good enough for me!
This month, she's gracing the cover of age-appropriate Teen Vogue (which of course I just finally cancelled) and looking more beautiful and charming than even I thought possible.

So what do you think- Is Elle a style icon in the making or is the fashion world inappropriate for idolizing a child?

(Thanks to Teen Vogue for the pictures!)


briannelee said...

She is gorgeous! I wish I had her style and poise at that age.

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chillairandperfume said...

She really is incredible!


Noelani said...

She makes 13 look so graceful. All I seem to remember is hormones and growth spurts. Ugh. She is a breath of fresh air.

the clothing menu said...

I've never really paid attention to her style before, but now that you are posting images, I don't blame you. I love that turquoise dress in that image where she's on the phone.

And to answer your question - yes I can see Elle being a future fashion icon and I do think the media focuses in on these girls too early. Let them be kids!

DiscoRenata said...

u guys kinda look alike, actually! and ps I like...love Teen Vogue. See you tomorrow!



Irene said...

UM no that's not weird at all. I'm Obsessed.

I'm a boston blogger too :)

Want to be blog friends!?

The Boston Fashionista said...

She and Dakota were on the cover of W a few issues ago and Mr. BF COULD NOT BELIEVE that grown-up woman was Dakota Fanning.

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