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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perricone's Alpha Lipoic Acid Nutritive Cleanser Review

I usually try to stay far away from new skin products.
I have super sensitive skin and pretty much everything causes me to break out. So I stick with my 10% benzoyl peroxide ( and its oh-so-lovely medicinal scent!), Estee Lauder oil-free moisturizer, clyndamycin cream, and my LightStim treatment (which I'll explain and review in the beginning of the fall.)

Unfortunately, I left my brand new bottle of face wash at my mother's Cape house two weeks ago. Not wanting to go out and buy a second wash I rifled through my bathroom and came across a Sephora sample of N.V. Perricone, M.D. Nutritive Cleanser. It didn't say oil-free but it claims to be safe, effective, and gentle for all skin types.
So I splashed some water on my face and lathered up. It felt amazing. All those great tingly sensations you want from a face wash? Check! It foams up a lot and really quickly for a gel cleanser so you only need a tiny amount for your entire face.
I think this cleanser is primarily an anti-aging product as its infused with DMAE and alphoic lipoic acid. The DMAE helps skin retain elasticity while the ALA resurfaces the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and the size of pores. I don't really know if the two weeks that I used this cleanser reduced signs of aging in my skin. At 26 I'm (in some ways) lucky enough to still have the skin of a teenager- no lines, wrinkles, or droops in sight. I can say that my pores are definitely smaller and my skin has never been softer. So I think the fancy ingredients do actually work a little.
On the downside I think the chemicals were a little bit too strong because my skin has been very red, a bit drier than usual, and even sort of itchy. But like I said it doesn't take too much for my skin to get irritated. It also has an awful baby-powder smell that wasn't too annoying at first but then endlessly lingered on my skin. It made me miss my ER-strength Benzoyl wash!

Overall, I think this is a great product especially if you have a normal skin type or are more concerned with signs of aging and skin tone than blemishes. The price is a bit steep ($38 for just 6 oz) but I used a tiny sample for nearly two weeks so you won't need to replace it very often, and if it works well for you then its worth it!
For now, its not the product for me on a regular basis but works in a pinch!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Bold & The Beautiful

About five years ago the paparazzi caught MK wearing an old, ripped Rolling Stones t-shirt with an elaborate (presumably very expensive) crystal necklace.
An over-the-top piece of evening jewelry worn during the day to a college lecture?!
Most people were unimpressed but I loved the contradiction.
It was the ultimate high/low mix; Proof that any piece can be dressed up or down with some simple styling.

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When Proenza Schouler showed dramatic, baroque inspired necklaces for fall I was reminded of that paparazzi picture. Even though the style is obviously very different one thing is very clear- statement making necklaces are FINALLY having a moment. So whether you're dressing up a pajama top with crystals, or playing clash of the colors adding a bold necklace (or three!) can completely change the style and feel of any outfit.
This season there are plenty to choose from at all different price points!
Oh, MK, always ahead of your time!

A simple or neutral colored outfit can always use a punch of bright colors.
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If something simple is more to your taste J.Crew's resin and gold link necklace ($39.50) still adds a pop of color without being too overwhelming especially for day.
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Want to re-create my favorite mini-mogul's look?
A gold, tribal version will look great through the rest of the summer while the dramatic, over-the-top crystal look can work any time!
I really like Pamela Love's Hope Crescent Breast Plate ($400) in gold or bronze. It manages to be dramatic and sexy but not overpowering and would look great against a tan or crisp, white shirt.
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If its a shimmery look you want then Tom Binns' saves the day with his large white deco crystal necklace. It's beautiful but it has the large price tag ($1700) to match.
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My lower-priced choice comes from Etsy seller, KillerJewels. (Supporting independent artisans and businesses is always stylish!) Their Art Deco Pewter Necklace also contains some Swarvoski but rings in at a sweet $23!
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If you're still after Proenza's version (Nina Garcia wore it in white, paired with a black top on this week's Project Runway premiere) sorry- it doesn't seem to be available. The boys have announced a costume jewelry line but it's not yet in stores. But don't fret! If you're crafty and up to a challenge head over to PS I Made This for a step-by-step guide to creating your own, one-of-a-kind baroque necklace!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Events in Boston: Vince Fall Preview

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Celebrity Moment: Young Hollywood Covers Love

These girls better like each other because I think its pretty clear they're going to be thrown together a lot. They're also probably going to be competing for the same roles, awards, celebrity boyfriends, endorsement deals, and magazine covers for the rest of their careers.
At least this month they get to share.
Check out Elle, Hailee, and Chloe each getting their own cover for the latest issue of Love!
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I love Hailee's cover but all of the girls look beautiful and haunting.

(Thanks to ONTD and Fashionista for the pictures!)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Events in Boston: Swapping Uncapped

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nailing Neon

Neon has definitely been having a moment in the past year. From Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2012 to the omni-present Cambridge Satchel on every blogger neon is officially everywhere!

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But if you aren't brave enough to rock neon clothing the best way to get in on the trend is with nail polish!
Trying out the trend with nail polish is also considerably more economical than splashing out a lot for what is probably just a passing trend.
Summer is the perfect time to test out bright polishes- things are just a little more casual- but if you work in a professional setting make sure to keep your outfit extra simple, in neutral tones, so you're not overwhelming your co-workers or clients!

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My personal favorite is the bright banana yellow that celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. Thanks to the ubiquity of the trend you have lots of shopping options- from Chanel's Mimosa, American Apparel's Neon Yellow, and Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in Electric Shock.
I really like American Apparel's polish because its thick formula only needs one coat and dries fairly quickly.
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If you want to go the fashion favorite route might I suggest Debroah Lippmann in Yellow Brick Road.

I find that while I love neon nail polish I often want to change it rather quickly since it can easily clash with outfits and accessories. The problem is when it comes to my nails I'm pretty lazy. I don't always want to take the time to take polish off and do themselves, nor do I want to change polish quickly after I've spent money on a manicure. So in the summer I usually stick with a neutral or paler color like OPI's Heart Throb on my fingers. But on my toes I go neon crazy!
Neon pedicures just look amazing in the sun and sand at the beach. And they look chic in the city on hot summer days!
I especially love Lara Stone's collaboration shade with Debroah Lippmann- Double Dutch Orange -it works on any skin tone. It even makes my pale skin look subtly tan in comparison!

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Hot pink is also universally flattering, looks great on nails and toes, and can match any outfit a little easier than, say, lime green. Try China Glaze's Shocking Pink Neon or Milani's Hot Pink.

Of course if even just your toes are too intense you can always try a french similar to what walked the runway at Tibi's Fall 2011 collection.

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So are you brave enough to wear neon? Or do you prefer to keep it subtle?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Suddenly, Suddenlee!

One of my pet peeves is when a big store doesn’t have online shopping. I mean, if a tiny vintage store in California has an online store and can ship my order to me in Boston why can’t a huge, international store like H&M?
Anyway, while stores like Zara and H&M take their time launching online shopping a new service, SuddenLee, has sprung up that allows you to shop ANY store online!

SuddenLee has only been live for less than a month but it has already built a loyal following of online shoppers, Bostonista included!

Because SuddenLee provides affordable, overnight shipping in one box. Which means you can get your shoes from Zara, dress from Madewell, and belt from H&M all in one box. Tomorrow.
Yeah. It’s amazing.

But does it work?

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In the interest of journalism I decided to test it out.
There has been a certain pair of color blocked, flat sandals from Zara that I couldn’t find in my size. Since the girls at Zara aren’t exactly willing to help you out or call their other stores I trudged around to the three Boston area stores in search of these much blogged about shoes. No luck. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if SuddenLee could find them for me.
I signed up and added their tool to my browser’s bookmark bar and brought up the shoes on the Zara website. One click on the SuddenLee tool brought up a tiny box asking for things like size, color, and price. Before I knew it the order was placed and I received an email informing me that an actual person had been sent out in search of these shoes and I’d be informed by 5 pm if they had been purchased. (If they can’t find your item they’ll let you know and you won’t be charged.) Twenty minutes later I had an email that my sandals had been purchased and would be shipped by 6 PM.

When I got home at 4 PM the next day my shoes were waiting for me on my back porch.
So how much did this personal shopping service and overnight shipping cost me? Ten dollars!
It was the perfect online shopping experience.
Except for one thing: They’d sent me the wrong size.
It was kind of devastating.

I figured it would be a torturous return process and that the service fee was lost.
But when I emailed SuddenLee they couldn’t be more apologetic and sent another courier out in search of the shoes in the correct size. When they couldn't find them they let me know right away, sent me a pre-paid UPS shipping label, refunded my money and to make up for my less than perfect first experience gave me a discount code for my next order.
Yep. Amazing!

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SuddenLee’s surprisingly low prices for their service and overnight shipping roughly equal standard shipping costs from most major e-commerce stores. As I mentioned before, the base price is $10 for goods from two stores and another $2.50 for each additional store.
Right now, SuddenLee is only available to the East Coast. But with such great prices, over 300 stores to shop from, and easy returns I think its fair to assume that they’ll be expanding quickly to the rest of the US!

(Photos Courtesy of SuddenLee and Zara)

(Also, thanks to 6one7 Productions for featuring Bostonista as a featured style blogger this summer! Remember to sign up for their Boston newsletter!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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