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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bostonista Give-A-Ways: Incoco Nails!

In the past year nail polish strips have become de rigueur for fashionable girls in a rush!
While gel manicures lack of drying time is appealing the process at the salon can take as long as a pedicure but real nail polish strips can be done pretty quickly at home with just a steady hand!
Plus, you can achieve complicated patterns and designs without any work! 
While patterned nails might once have been considered tacky (especially considering the airbrushing that was involved) thanks to celebrities like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna and the ease of polish strips nail design now seems fresh and exciting!
Incoco has some of the best quality strips on the market today thanks to 20 years of research on non-liquid polish so they've really innovated nail polish strips! All of Incoco's strips are made from real nail polish with base, color, and top coats all included!

My first encounter with Incoco was at a press lounge at NYFW. I had a deep purple gel manicure so I was worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy an Incoco manicure but they chose a gold pattern strip and did "accent" nails on each hand. The effect over the gel polish was stunning and two weeks later the gel manicure was peeling but my two Incoco nails still looked beautiful!

Their latest set of designs is the Drama Queen Collection and they are definitely for dramatic, look-at-me nails! 

Want to get your nails on some?
You're in luck!
I've teamed up with Incoco to give one lucky reader two sets of nail polish strips PLUS some accessories! 

To Enter:
1) Leave a comment here with your name and email address THEN Like Incoco on Facebook & leave a comment on their wall letting them know you came from Bostonista! (You must Like them to be eligible for the give-a-way!)
2) For BONUS entries like Bostonista on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and follow Incoco on Twitter! Make sure to let me know in your comments!

I'll be choosing a winner on Wednesday, November 9th!

Good luck!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Style Icon: Lauren Santo Domingo

Anyone who reads Vogue on a regular basis is probably familiar with Lauren Santo Domingo. 
The Vogue "Contributing Editor", and founder of online trunk show Moda Operandi, is often featured in the society and party pages of Vogue and other glossy magazines. 

I was aware of her but never paid much attention until she breezed past me at Lincoln Center in September, blackberry in hand, all perfectly messy blonde hair and perfume. Her style is luxe but attainable. Plus, and maybe its a new mom thing, the woman literally glows. 
I might have stared.
 Of all the famous faces I saw at fashion week it was Lauren who left me starstruck. 

Besides her style the fact that she is an under-the-radar socialite is endlessly appealing to me. Yes, she's photographed a lot but she's also sort of mysterious. She gives interviews but they seem to mock her own public image and never reveal much about her life. Even her twitter (@theLSD) is only sporadically updated and rarely about anything personal just her business or a shout out to a party host.
Lauren comes from wealth (just google Poland Springs heiress) and is now married to a billionaire but she seems like a genuinely sweet, incredibly approachable girl!

(Lauren front row at Thakoon SS 2012)
Why can't I make a simple blazer and jeans look this effortless? 

(Outside Lincoln Center)
Carven, Balenciaga, Celine, and Hermes all in one outfit? 
Yeah, just another day at the office.

Finally, she has my dream home office/closet. 
I think its brilliant to combine the two into one peaceful, and beautiful, room!

Who are your current style icons? Do their lifestyles influence how you feel about them?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Events in Boston: Timberland's Sundance Style Night

Well, guys, we're somehow back to my least favorite time of year.
Snow is starting to fall (BEFORE HALLOWEEN UGH!) which means its time for some serious boots. And boots don't get more serious than Timberlands!

Head on over to the Timberland store on Newbury St., Wednesday night for a stylish party and a chance to win a trip to the Sundance Film Festival!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Events in Boston: Shoe Sale & Brunch at Cynthia Rowley!

Need something fun to do tomorrow?
Head over to Cynthia Rowley on Newbury St., for 20% off shoes and 10% off everything else (even sale items!) 
Plus, if you're there between 11 am and 3 pm you'll be able to enjoy some complimentary mimosas and pastries! 

Sounds like my idea of a perfect Saturday! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Emily Muller S/S 2012 (Boston Fashion Week)

I only attended three Boston Fashion Week events (two of which I covered for Stuff Magazine's website) but my favorite event was Emily Muller's "Escape"S/S 2012 fashion show!

The lovely Renata of Scorpion/Disco is Emily's assistant and she snagged me a front row seat at the show! 

Emily began her line just a year ago but she already has a distinctive style that fits in perfectly with the Boston fashion scene. Her graceful designs easily go from day to night in the city(perfect in our walking town) but would also work for a warm day on Cape Cod.
My favorite piece was the intricately layered wedding dress- I loved the (nearly) scandalously high front with the dramatic cape/train trailing behind her. Maybe not great for church but perfect for my fantasy beach wedding!

Nearly every piece of the collection featured leather straps which added a tough edge to even the most feminine of looks and gave the collection it's irreverent, sexy Pocahontas vibe. The Emily Muller girl is an incredibly strong, modern bohemian. 

I love the sear-sucker stripe fabric! Very New England but the straps and structure made it feel new and playful.

I'm dying over this skirt! 
And finally, my idea of the perfect Sunday outfit. 
That belted cardigan with the full sleeves? Perfect for Boston's unpredictable spring and fall weather!

I really need to mention the head pieces, by Alana Ryan for Maxine in Trousers, because I was completely blown away by them!
They made me wish I lived in England where its socially acceptable to wear statement head gear on a regular basis! 

Thank you so much to everyone at Emily Muller (especially Renata!) for the invite.
Pictures are my own & courtesy of Emily Muller!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

Six months is apparently a lifetime at Louis Vuitton, where they've gone from dominatrix to delicate daisies in one season flat. 
But Marc Jacobs is, of course, the master of the quick change in the fashion world so this style 180 isn't entirely unexpected.  Especially if this LV show is being taken as Jacob's final audition for the job at Dior.
If the parade of the New Look down the Louis Vuitton runway is any indication he certainly wants the job!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

As usual, it wasn't all gorgeous. There were some awkward bodysuits, like this argyle sweater version.
 If it is this unflattering on Anja I can't even begin to image how it would look on the rest of us.
Although, I suppose, we wouldn't be pants-less!

I also could have done without the plastic, 3D flowers that adorned the evening gowns. They were voluminous enough without them!

For the most part this was a lovely, sweet collection for Spring that will certainly sell.
Especially the Celine-eqsue shapes of some of the new leather handbags.
Photobucket Photobucket

If this was Marc's final collection for Louis Vuitton it was a pretty note to finish on.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(And then there was Kate.)

Thanks to Style.Com for the pictures!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Norman Ambrose SS 2012

My last event at New York Fashion Week was great (and not just because I had an actual seat) because I have been a fan of Norman Ambrose for quite some time now!

Meant to evoke the way light changes in the Mediterranean as the sun rises from the East the garments sparkled and moved like water.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Except for the occasional forays to the East (in the shapes of hats and some prints) this was the perfect collection for sleek, sophisticated women on a beachside vacation. Some of the silvery prints reminded me of aquatic life (specifically jellyfish) which, if today's Chanel show is any indication, will be a big trend come spring.
Photobucket Photobucket 

(Blurry pictures are mine and the rest are courtesy of Norman Ambrose)
Thank you to everyone at Norman Ambrose & MAO PR!
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