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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hilarious Interviews..

If you're anything like me you've probably perused Karl Lagerfeld's contemporary line for Net-A-Porter and been annoyed by certain items already being sold out. It has only been released for two days! Is it really so much to ask for companies to make enough product to last at least longer than two hours?

Luckily for Net-a-Porter they released this hilarious video of Karl interviewing...

So I guess I can't be too mad about not getting that over priced canvas tote.


JORGE JUAN said...

The best jewellery in the world: Jorge Juan Joyero. We are making very good world for EEUU.


Michelle of Chellbellz said...

Ha i was annoyed about the shoes going! I would have broken my shopping ban for those bad boys.

Kristen said...

Oh Karl. You're so....Karl.

Brittany said...

hahaha! wow.. only he could do this.


Jamie said...

Thanks for posting the Karl video - I would have just skipped over it otherwise ;) And thanks for the blog visit/comment - I have always been a Balenciaga fan (a few collections haven't been that great, I'll admit), but this latest is just totally amazing! xx

P.S. - Now following your blog :)

DiscoRenata said...

Loveeeeeee this. If they had come together, they wouldnt be late. Obvi....!



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