Inspired by a trip to Brazil, Farah Angsana sent one beautiful look after another down the runway on Monday for her Glamazon woman.
This was a very sexy, colorful collection but would we expect any less from Brazil?
From the show notes, it seems that Ms. Angsana has been on a journey of self discovery recently and while this was a gorgeous showing it wasn’t always able to tell the whole story.
But, sometimes, a story doesn’t have a clear beginning or end and isn’t any less interesting for it.
Still, Angsana is at her best when she embraces her most elegant side and creates simple, glowing silhouettes. Β After all,Β I love color but sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing…
I think we can expect to see many Farah gowns on the red carpet.
If Farah and Rafael are any indication we’ll all be wearing heavy, gem-laden dresses and hard metal accessories come spring!
Thank you to Farah Angsana, and HvM Communications!

(HQ Pictures Courtesy of Farah Angsana. First Two Photos by The Bostonista)

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