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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide: Boys! Boys! Boys!

Why are guys so hard to shop for? It seems like between gadgets, ties, and violent blu-rays you'd be able to easily find them something but I always end up putting off their gifts until the very last minute!

In an effort to be more thoughtful with my manly presents this year I put together this handy guide to things guys enjoy to cross reference with my shopping list.

Bostonista Gift Guide: For The Guys!

Is there anything sexier than a man with a flask? Maybe a man with a moustache flask! Okay, maybe not, but its a fun gift sure to make your man smile. I know my brother will be laughing his ass off thanks to the Unrated Ted blu-ray I picked up for him. If you're a little more practical, may I suggest Ted Baker's "The City" quilted jacket? It's the perfect weight for this weird Boston weather. As much as I love designer handbags, it would be kind of nice to just slip all my cards into my phone case and go so I know that any guy on your list will appreciate being able to consolidate his wallet with Hex's iPhone Case.


Melissa said...

Great post! These items are great.

<3 Melissa

Rue Le Chat said...

I got Mr. Chat two things from this list. So funny! Nice ideas.

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