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Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Dressed MET Gala 2012

 There were many beautiful looks tonight at the Met Gala celebrating the launch of the Schiaparelli & Prada: Impossible Conversation exhibit. 
(The exhibit opens to the public on May 10th and runs all summer through August 19th! If you're in NYC at all I highly recommend picking up tickets to see it.)

I was actually surprised that there wasn't more Schiaparelli pink on the attendees!

My favorite gown of the night was worn by one of my favorite models, Jessica Stam!
She rocked the red carpet in a mint and gold "vintage" dress from Dior by John Galliano. 

I'm not sure it truly counts as vintage if its less than 20 years old but we all have to mention the difference between Dior and Dior by Galliano now. 

Anyway, that rant is for a different day...isn't this just gorgeous?

Mint is the hottest color for spring and I love how she accessorized with the bangles on either arm and dark hair.  Plus, her makeup was just divine! 

To see more of my favorite red carpet moments from the MET Gala 2012 check out my Pinterest Met board!

(Thanks to IFB for the pictures!)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Events in Boston: National Jean Company Grand Opening Hosted by Nicole Richie!

(Nicole heading into the event courtesy of Dina K photography)

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening party of National Jean Company.
Normally, I wouldn't be too excited about this sort of thing but when I was told that Nicole Richie would be hosting the party I flipped out.
I'm a little bit obsessed with her.

So I was beyond thrilled when I was given press access to attend the event!
To celebrate the opening and introduce the spring collection of Nicole's line Winter Kate the store staged a mini-fashion show.

And then Nicole graced the press room with her presence. 

And then, so much for miss sophisticated blogger, I couldn't resist. Rather than ask her a question for you all or talk about Winter Kate I just blurted out, "Nicole? Could I get a picture with you?" 
I don't think any of the publicists were too happy with me.
But Nicole was more than happy to pose with me! She was so sweet!
But she's so short I had to practically fall over so that our faces were next to each other. (Maybe heels weren't the best choice that night!) So please excuse how insanely goofy I look!

Anyway, she couldn't have been nicer but from the look on her face in these pictures she's totally thought I was crazy! Oh, and if the other girl with us looks familiar its because she's Miss Massachusettes! 
Such a sweetheart! 

All in all it was a fun event and another great chance to see my favorite fellow bloggers. 
National Jean has  a huge selection of great fashion, not just denim, and the store is beautiful so definitely check it out on your next shopping trip!

AND If you have time on Sunday please stop by my event with Reiss from 12-3!
I'm excited to announce that both The Loft Salon and Define Beauty will be on hand to provide guests with complimentary mini-makeovers! We're also having tea, cupcakes, gift bags for the first 25 guests, a give-a-way, and an exclusive shopping discount! Please come by!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Give-A-Ways: Vichy's Capital Soleil Luxurious Protective Oil

With summer quickly approaching I'm worried about the condition of my skin.
For those of you who don't know I'm incredibly pale and my skin is beyond sensitive so sun protection is always on my mind in the morning.

I was excited to give Vichy's new Capital Soleil SPF 30 Luxurious Protective Oil a shot since I've used many of their products in the past without any irritation to my skin. While it hasn't been super warm the past few days the sun has been out (remember its important to wear sunscreen every day- even when its cloudy!) so I liberally applied the oil after a my body lotion in the morning.

The bottle has a spray so you can easily spray it on those hard to reach spots. I always spray a lot onto my hand and then rub it. I think it gives me a little more control but at the beach its nice to just spray it on quickly.

Like all Vichy products it smells great with just a hint of that familiar sunscreen spell. While this isn't a self tanner it does promise an immediate "sun kissed glow" on application. I didn't use it on my face (the last thing my face needs is more oil) but I did notice a brighter tone to the skin on my arms and legs. 
It also feels amazing without that greasy, sticky feeling that usually comes along with sunscreen. It honestly feels more like a body lotion than a sun protector maybe thanks in part to its white grapeseed oil, extra vitamin E and gelling polymer ingredients!

I've been using it for the past five days and even my extremely sensitive skin hasn't had any kind of negative reaction!

I'm thrilled to be able to offer one of my readers a full sized bottle of Capital Soleil Luxurious Protective Oil (SPF 30) just in time for the start of summer! 

To enter to win leave a comment telling me your favorite fun in the sun activity along with your email address in this post then "Like" Vichy and The Bostonista on Facebook!

Good luck!
(I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday, May 10th!)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Join Me and Reiss for an Afternoon Tea!

I hope you all can join me on Sunday, May 6th for an afternoon of tea and shopping at Reiss on Newbury St! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Events in Boston: Rag & Bone Grand Opening on Newbury St

On Friday night I met up with my dear friend, Renata from Scorpion Disco, to attend the grand opening of Rag & Bone's new store on Newbury St.

It was an exciting night. 

Designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville's latest store is gorgeous and really captures the laid back but luxe vibe of Rag & Bone
Marcus & David were in town for the grand opening and mingled with guests, and showed off some of their favorite styles for summer.
I'd been in a few week earlier because I've been so obsessed with Rag & Bone for so long! 
I'm happy that Boston finally got their attention!

We mingled, browsed, met and fell in love with a Patriot, drank champagne. 
Normal fashion event fare.

And then they arrived.
Boston's royal couple, Tom Brady & Gisele, pulled up.
The store went silent. iPhone's were whipped out.
Sophistication went out the door as everyone jostled to the front of the store for a better look.
Yes. That's me and Renata. With Gisele.
And, for those of you looking for dirt, she couldn't have been sweeter!

And, of course, since he was there....

He is amazingly tall. His hand was on my back and it was so massive I thought a grizzly bear's paw was resting against me.

But mostly we watched Gisele's every movement.
I know everything looks amazing on her but I'll be getting myself a Rag & Bone hat or two.

It was an amazing evening made even better by so many of my favorite fellow blogger's being there!

Thanks so much to everyone at Rag & Bone for the hospitality!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lavender Lips Trend

Purple lips probably conjure up images of high school goths, Halloween, and bad make up artist portfolios.

But I think there is way to do a purple pout with elegance and have it look almost natural instead of costumey. Not that I don't appreciate Gaga's beauty POV, and of course there are times when plum works, but I find the right color of lavender to be great for every day life.

For just a glimpse of purple I suggest going the sheer route.
I've been using Benefit's ultra-shine gloss in Kiss Me for a delicate wash of color.
When I want a just a tad more drama I use a light layer of MAC's lip pencil in Magenta before the gloss. It helps keep the color longer and prevents the gloss from bleeding.

To really pack a purple punch I use Buxom's Big & Healthy lipstick in Acapulco a vibrant lilac that smooths lips while also "plumping" them. Use in moderation for a natural look.

So why do I love lavender lips?
For one, it's unexpected so I never blend into a crowd when I rock it but it also gives my face an amazing glow like no other product. 

What is your favorite lip look? 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tough Times 2012

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller photographed by Richard Avedon

I try not to use Bostonista as a place to vent or to talk about my personal life.
It's a fashion blog, this is (obviously) not a personal style blog or a dating blog or my private journal, and I assume most readers come to see pretty pictures or enter contests.
I try to respect that.

At the same time, I don't really have any other outlet for my frustrations.
And I've been frustrated a lot recently.

A lot of things have changed in my life since the beginning of the year.
One of them excellent; Most of them life changing.

Around the end of February the man I thought I'd be with for the rest of my life, who I have waited (not always so) patiently for for the past 7 years, dropped a bombshell. It still, all these weeks later, feels like a twisting knife in my gut. 

Then, said man, dropped back in to my life for a brief, incredibly painful hour with yet another revelation.
That afternoon, as he broke my heart over and over, my mom kept calling my cell. 
When I had finally composed myself enough to use the phone I called her back and found out that my Nana had been taken to the hospital but seemed to be okay.

In a fit of fury at man #1 I went on a date with a new guy and over a few weeks we fell into an easy rhythm and I thought he'd be a good summer fling to help take my mind off of man #1.

Two weeks later my Nana, an ever present voice in my head, passed away.

Bostonista turned 4 and I forgot to celebrate or acknowledge it.
Happy Belated Fourth Birthday, blog! 

Since the funeral I've been stressed out, prone to cry at anything, and somehow even more resentful towards man #1. You can't even send a sympathy card, you bastard?!
But at least I had man #2 to hang out with, right?

Today he decided that I want something more serious then he is willing to ever be (which I really, really don't) and so we should just be friends. The last thing I want after what man #1 did is a relationship.
Maybe I was too comfortable too quickly? Apparently, I'm not "fling" material to him, which is odd because every other guy I've ever met has always thought I was only "fling" material. I guess I could argue and try to change his mind but I don't care enough. 
I'm honestly just bummed to not have a guy to hang out with.

I realize that the last paragraph doesn't help me come across as very sympathetic, or even very likable, but I'm bitter. 

At least my hair looks really blond today.

Some pretty pictures so I'm not entirely off topic:
(For more gorgeous pictures, outfit inspiration, and visual candy check out Bostonista's Pinterest. It has 100% less self-pity. I promise)

I actually feel a little better. 
Thanks for listening.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Bitter Blond!

Confabulous Cases Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of my Confabulous Cases give-a-way is...

Congratulations Carolyn!

If you're so sad that you didn't win remember that you always can shop Confabulous online AND if you prefer to shop them in person Confabulous Cases will be at StyleFixx Boston 2012 on May 9th and 10th!
Now that I'm working at Stylefixx as a fashion editor I hope I'll be seeing you all at the event!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bostonista Give-a-Way: Confabulous iPhone Case!

I don't know about you but when I finally got an iPhone last summer one of the things I was most excited about was all the case options!
Unfortunately, I've found the most stylish cases to also be the most expensive.

So I was incredibly excited to hear about Boston-based Confabulous Cases! The genius idea uses a clear backed Griffin iPhone 4 case with original designs on thin inserts. You can slip the case off and change the insert as often as you like! Once you have the clear case inserts are only $1.95-$3.95 each and at those prices your iPhone could have a different look every day of the month!

I'm excited to team up with Confabulous to offer my fabulous readers a chance to win a Confabulous Cases cluster!
If you win you'll receive a clear backed Griffin iPhone 4 case (fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S), 3 inserts of your choice and 1 deluxe insert. 

To enter follow both @thebostonista & @confabcases on Twitter.
For an extra entry "like" both Bostonista and Confabulous on Facebook.
For a THIRD entry follow Bostonista on Bloglovin.
Make sure to comment on this post with your email & facebook/twitter info so I can verify your entries!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday April 17th!
Good luck!

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