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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shop UsTrendy

It's always great when I come across a new website or store but it's even more exciting when it's from a Boston-based company. 

Recently, one of the companies I'm excited about is UsTrendy, an online marketplace devoted to cultivating new, smaller designers and providing them with opportunities to sell their designs.
If you're part of the Boston fashion scene you're probably already familiar with UsTrendy, one of the biggest fashion marketplaces on the web! 
UsTrendy president Sam Sisakhti had watched a designer friend struggle with the business aspects of a successful line, and decided to find a way to support independent design talent while providing shoppers with unique, exciting design at great prices. 
In 2008, he launched this idea as UsTrendy

If you're an aspiring designer you can create a portfolio to enter into contests. Prizes include receiving funding to launch the line and promotion at international fashion weeks! 
The fashion industry is often cut-throat so it's wonderful to see a local company helping to launch new, independent lines.

Not a designer? UsTrendy is also a bit of a social platform where fashion fans can shop unique items, vote for pieces you'd like to see produced, and set tomorrow's trends by providing personal feedback to designers. 

(Mexican Heart Top and Vintage Lace & Bamboo Hammer Pants by MonTree)

One of their labels that really caught my eye is MonTree, with its emphasis on clothing for the modern, urban bohemian. I think sometimes designers see "urban" women as wanting black but MonTree designer, Monica Wontorski, infuses her pieces with bright colors and prints. 
I'm particularly crazy for the Mexican Heart top with it's bat wing sleeves and printed heart. Plus, it's made from recycled polyester and bamboo meaning it's stylish and sustainable. 

If black is more your game and you're looking for something elegant UsTrendy can satisfy that need as well with designers like FROCK Los Angeles. Frock is one of the labels that is growing quickly thanks to its design philosophy of ignoring trends. Instead, designer Victoria Tik, focuses on solid colors and timeless cuts for an overall minimalist asethetic. Like MonTree, Frock is also committed to being eco-friendly using only vegetable based dyes and certified organic materials. 

So, if you're looking for something special and want to be able to support small labels and upcoming designers, USTrendy is the place to go! I love browsing their 14,000 designers and creating outfits especially since UsTrendy makes it easy for MY opinion to actually impact the store in a positive way!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Celebrity Moment: Katie Holmes in Mother

Oh, Katie Holmes, I've had such a love/hate relationship with you since the 7th grade.
I hate your sideways smirk, but love the huge grin.
Joey Potter seemed so fun but Jen Lindley was always so glamorous.
You showed so much promise in Pieces of April and then I endured Mad Money.
I love Suri but Tom creeps me out.

Actually, you probably feel the same way about that last one, Katie.
But I have to admit, this "divorce tour" you're taking on the streets of New York this month has me captivated. You look amazing, Scientology is scary, and Suri is still the best dressed woman in town.
Besides, as a former student of The Sacred Heart, I'm thrilled that Suri will be attending Convent of the Sacred Heart in September.

Katie has been spotted wearing one of my favorite denim labels, MOTHER, a couple of times this month. I love her casual regular-mom-on-the-go style (as if there weren't dozens of paparazzi just out of the shot) with her MOTHER "Looker" jeans, Isabel Marant "Dicker" booties, and Henry Cuir "Charivari" tote
(Pictures Courtesy of Just Jared)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bostonista Blush: I'm in The Boston Globe!

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to be featured in The Boston Globe's G Magazine.
I want to thank everyone at The Boston Globe, especially Marian Daniels and Dina Rudick.

I guess I have to step up my game!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Boston Body Barre- West Newton

Last week, I was lucky enough to be able to take a ballet barre class at Boston Body Pilates' new West Newton studio

Since Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman transformed their bodies into ballerinas for Black Swan the ballet barre fitness trend has swept the nation! Recently, it's completely taken over the Boston area with no less than six different studios offering their takes on the fitness movement.

I was extremely nervous walking into the studio as I really haven't worked out in any form in years. I danced ballet as a child (it was a required class at my snooty middle school...yes, seriously) and was on the cheerleading squad in high school but I can't even remember the last time I did a serious workout as an adult!

I needn't have worried; Melissa (my instructor and the manager of West Newton) understood my reservations and made me feel immediately comfortable. While Boston Body has locations all around the greater Boston area that offer Barre, Pilates classes, private lessons, and spinning, the recently-opened West Newton studio is focused solely on their Body Barre program. The lobby is bright and welcoming with plenty of space to store your stuff and a nice reception area. I went to a class in the middle of the day so it was peaceful and Melissa was able to give students a lot of individual attention. 

Boston Body Barre is a combination of Pilates and dance based cardio that incorporates a ballet barre. The idea is to use only your body weight as resistance but do a lot of reps of each exercise to build long, lean muscles.
I was honestly expecting to be standing at the barre the entire time and basically just doing ballet exercises. I could not have been more wrong! While you do use the barre for stretching and balance the class is very much a cardio workout mixed with Pilates mat work set to really fun music like Rihanna. 

(The West Newton Boston Body Barre studio)

Melissa was incredibly encouraging and helpful. I was sweating hard by the middle of the 60-minute class but Melissa encouraged us to listen to our bodies and take breaks as needed. I definitely needed a couple, so I just sipped on my water and watched the class from the back. No one made me feel bad or uncomfortable for stopping and when I re-joined the group I got a lot of encouraging smiles from the other girls.

I'm not going to lie, it was difficult and, at times, my muscles were screaming, but it was also really fun and when the class was over I felt amazing. It really made me feel powerful and strong. It was a great experience and I'm definitely planning on going on a regular basis. 

Interested in trying it out? I definitely recommend that you do!
This summer the West Newton studio has a special where first-timers can drop in to the 5:30 PM class on Wednesdays and try out Boston Body Barre for free. You just need to register for the class online beforehand!

(Barre Class)

Boston Body Pilates has five locations in the Boston area (including one right on Newbury St in Boston) so its easy to find a location and class that's convenient for you!

If you stop by tell them Bostonista sent you!

Thanks to Melissa, Maura and everyone from Boston Body for inviting me to take the class and making me feel so welcome! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012

If anyone could get Paris's Grand Palais to reopen a room closed off for 70 years it would be Karl Lagerfeld.
He staged Chanel's Haute Couture collection at the Grand Palais as usual but in the Chanel customized Salon d'Honneur. 

So, the French's love affair with Lagerfeld is still burning strong but I think I'm becoming a tad disillusioned. 
La fatigue Chanel?! Oui! Oh non!

Karl's vision of future vintage was for a far more substantial woman than I. 

Of course the craftsmanship at Chanel is always impecable but how many variations of the classic Chanel suit can there really be?

I was delighted with the doll faced makeup, since thats my personal cosmetic style, and all of the accessories from the hair nets to the cuffed, fingerless "gloves".

Finally, I was excited to see my current favorite model, Lindsey Wixson, was cast as The Bride this season. It was a more whimsical moment than the rest of the collection so Lindsey's face was the perfect fit. I hope Karl is developing a Lindsey obsession to rival his love of Freja Beha Erichsen!
Doesn't she look like a swan princess?
(All Photos Appear Courtesy of Style.Com)

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