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Friday, September 14, 2012

Farah Angsana SS 2013

Inspired by a trip to Brazil, Farah Angsana sent one beautiful look after another down the runway on Monday for her Glamazon woman.

This was a very sexy, colorful collection but would we expect any less from Brazil?
From the show notes, it seems that Ms. Angsana has been on a journey of self discovery recently and while this was a gorgeous showing it wasn't always able to tell the whole story.
But, sometimes, a story doesn't have a clear beginning or end and isn't any less interesting for it.

Still, Angsana is at her best when she embraces her most elegant side and creates simple, glowing silhouettes.  After all, I love color but sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing...
I think we can expect to see many Farah gowns on the red carpet.

If Farah and Rafael are any indication we'll all be wearing heavy, gem-laden dresses and hard metal accessories come spring!

Thank you to Farah Angsana, and HvM Communications!

(HQ Pictures Courtesy of Farah Angsana. First Two Photos by The Bostonista)

Emerson SS 2013

It's always inspiring when a local makes it big on a national stage, isn't it?
So, having Boston-based designer Jackie Fraser-Swan show her line, Emerson, for the third time at New York Fashion Week was extra exciting for me! 

Hands down, Emerson wins for best runway soundtrack of the week. I was dancing in my seat!
It fit well with the high school nostalgia mood of the collection which ended with a not so subtle nod to the classic teenage flick, Carrie. 

But, like the best horror movies, this collection was laced with an aura of playfulness and fun.

Leather Peter Pan collars and peplum waists added some adult edge to the knee socks and letter jackets.

I loved that the leather skirts were somehow able to fall in a flirty less structured way adding a hint of girlishness to the masculine material. Or maybe they just appeared to be leather? Looking closer they have a bit of a sheer quality about them...

There were a couple of moments during the show that felt a bit disjointed; As if the pieces belonged to a different collection. But, for the most part, Jackie's masterful use of prints and color kept the good-girl-gone-bad vibe running full throttle!

I was honored to be invited to the show and to be able to support a Boston designer.
I think Jackie's pretty, easy to wear designs are going to make this a very popular collection when it hits stores in March. Emerson is definitely on my "One to Watch" list!

Thanks to Jackie Fraser-Swan, People's Revolution, Liz Sweeney and the entire Emerson team!
(Pictures by The Bostonista; Others Courtesy of The Cut)

Exclusive: Backstage at Emerson SS 2013

Sunday night I was lucky enough to go backstage at Emerson's SS 2013 show at Lincoln Center.
My friend, designer Sophie Hughes, provided jewelry for the collection so Scorpion Disco and I headed backstage for a sneak peek! 

(Models being interviewed by FashionTV)
My model obsessed self was crazy excited.
But I was disappointed to learn that they only have porta-potties  for the models back there.
Not so glamorous! 

Aren't the braids great?
Also, I'll be trying to recreate these burgundy smokey eyes for the next 8 months.

Here I am, backstage, grinning like a loon!
Like my new DVF dress? I need to get it tailored before I wear it again.

(All pictures by The Bostonista or Scorpion Disco)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rafael Cennamo SS 2013

Walking into Rafael Cennamo's presentation on Saturday was a bit how I imagine the Dior showroom.
Gorgeous designs embellished with lace, sequins and intricate, multi-dimensional embroidery for as far as the eye could see! 

Rafael may be in New York but I think he could easily be a certified couture member in Paris with this red carpet ready collection.

Inspired by traditional Japanese style twisted with a modern edge (see the Obi-like belts done in hard metals) and kimono-like shapes. 

But what I really loved was all the little details like a line of elegant buttons down the spine, netted socks under sexy, metallic shoes and tulle embeded with pearls.

My only complaint comes not from the collection itself but the makeup and models.
Every single one looked sulky and bored and hunched over, like a dozen Kristen Stewarts at a Twilight premiere. 
But poor posture couldn't ruin the beauty of these pieces.
It's easy to see why Rafael launched a bridal line in 2010 isn't it?

(All Pictures by The Bostonista)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lela Rose SS 2013

Lela Rose is always one of my favorite shows to attend.
Rose's design aesthetic is beautiful and places an emphasis on wearable clothing for real women. She manages to create pieces with soul that are still, somehow, accessible.
(Lauren Conrad and Mandy Moore sit front row at Lela Rose SS 2013)

Plus, the front row is always full of young Hollywood starlets!
This season, Lela Rose was heavily influenced by artist Jim Hodges, whose work explored the duality of nature.

While the struggle between lightness and permanence in nature and humanity is a heavy one, Rose's collection was, unsurprisingly, joyful. It celebrates, rather than dissects, our lack of permanence. 

As always, if ever there was a designer who can do youthful sophistication, it's Lela Rose. Featuring more daywear than ever, the LR woman might finally be more focused on the boardroom than tonight's dinner party. 

Of course, girlie dresses are still the bread and butter of the Lela Rose closet and there were plenty of evening looks here to satisfy even the busiest socialite's schedule!

But the best part? All of the models wore shoes from Lela's collection at Payless so even if you can't afford one of her cocktail creations you can get some Lela style!

Thanks to Lela Rose and Krupp Group!
(Pictures courtesy of Lela Rose. Front row by The Bostonista)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Katya Leonovich SS 2013

This was the second time I was lucky enough to see one of Katya Leonovich's collections in person.

Happily, for Spring/Summer 2013 Katya has embraced her strengths and revealed a modern, feminine take on the futuristic woman.
Think Judy Jetson meets Tinker Bell.

Leonovich mixed ladylike fabrics like organza, chiffon and silk with metallic, laser cut leather and even python skin to create a flirty but strong silhouette.

(via Fashion Windows)
The finale, featuring two models, added a moment of levity to the show, with each girl literally wearing a Presidential nominee on her dress. By the time the collection goes into production I'm hoping that only the Obama dress will get made!

In just two seasons, Katya has managed to refine her voice. Her designs have significantly matured and I'm excited to see what the future brings for this label.
Katya Leonovich is certainly one designer to watch!

Thank you to Katya Leonovich, and MAO PR!

(All photos by The Bostonista unless otherwise noted.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Editors at Edun

By some miracle I was able to recover the pictures that I thought I had lost on Saturday! It was a thrilling moment. 

So, I thought I'd share a couple of snaps that I got of the world's best stylists before the Edun show.
Kate Lanphear wasn't interested in socializing and found her seat right away.

While Anna Dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia took their glamorous time.

For me, one of the best things about fashion week is having a fair amount of access to women that I admire.
Also, how fabulous is Anna's white dress with the fabric chain? 
I'm ready to embrace giant chains for fall!

(All pictures by The Bostonista)

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