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You guys know that I love nothing more than being comfortable, right? So when I discovered graphic tee line, Casual Friday, I immediately fell in love. You can tuck their designs into a pleated leather skirt with booties and a blazer for day or rock em with statement jewelry, skinny jeans and stilettos for a night out. My favorite, “Oh, hi.” is practically it’s own icebreaker for all those shy guys at the bar and Scorpion/Disco can expect number three for her birthday! I’m also a huge fan of their “Self-Made” tank because we’re in the era of the female entrepreneur, are we not?
What would you have emblazoned across your chest?


  1. aww these are super adorable! im not usually one for graphic tees but i'd definitely wear one of these. love the idea of how the “oh, hi” one is an ice breaker for the shy boys 😉 that's just adorable

    xo marlen
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