Hubble Contacts Review

I’m basically as blind as a bat. Seriously. In high school, without my coke bottle glasses, I couldn’t see the blackboard from the front row. Even WITH my glasses, I could barely see. I blame most of my math grades on my lack of eyesight. It wasn’t until college that I started wearing contacts on an almost daily basis. These days, the only time you’ll catch me in glasses is right before bed and in the early morning…or if I have an eye infection.

Gross, right? After 13 years of contacts (changed bi-weekly),  my eyes started to feel gross. They were constantly itchy and puffy. After a very uncomfortable visit to my ophthalmologist, I learned all about blepharitis. Not to get into too many details but once the infection was cleared up my options came down to glasses or switching to daily contacts. Have you seen the price of daily contacts recently? I was floored! Enter my new favorite subscription, Hubble Contacts!  I’ve been using the service for six months now and I’m a big fan!

The idea behind Hubble Contacts is simple: An independent lens company that delivers a monthly supply of contact lens directly to you for $30. I was shocked that most companies have you pay for a year’s worth of daily lenses up front and deliver them all at once. A lot of people (myself once included) overwear their lenses to make the shipments last longer and that’s gross! How do you think I got blepharitis in the first place?

Anyway, I was definitely a little concerned the trust my eye health to a startup but Hubble offers a free, two-week trial set. Customers upload their prescriptions. Hubble verifies the prescription with your doctor and sends out your boxes!

Firstly, the packaging is so cute! I noticed right away that the box containing my left lenses is a different color from the box than the right lens box! Hubble Contacts is also as green as possible with boxes and lens packs that are 100% recyclable.

The lenses are high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel with a 55% water content and have UV protection! I do think they are slightly larger than my old lenses but otherwise look the same. For the most part, I find them easy to insert every morning. Occasionally, I need to take one out immediately and flip it inside out or dip it back in its pack and try again.  Very rarely, I start over and open a new pack. Since they send a 30-day supply I do worry about “wasting” lenses but, so far, I’ve never run out. Once they are in place, they feel great all day. I actually think they move less often and breathe better than the more expensive brand!

I realized yesterday morning that I needed my May box delivered early or sent to my hotel in Florida next week and their customer service was easy to reach! They are so accommodating! We came up with a great solution, via email, and it was so simple! One less thing to worry about this week.

If you’re looking for affordable, daily contacts, give Hubble a try with their free trial. I very rarely write reviews, but this is a subscription I love…and pay full price for every month. Nothing sponsored about this post, guys!

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