10 Best Korean Beauty Products To Try Now!

The 15-Step Korean beauty routine is endlessly appealing to me. Don’t you want to be the kind of woman who has the time to do this? I want to be this organized, motivated woman with glowing skin!  After all, I can barely drag my ass down the hallway to wash my makeup off every night let alone add in a second cleansing and layers of serums. But I would like to be the type of woman who wakes up 20-minutes early to have clear, glowing skin!

Anyway,  it’s no secret that “K-Beauty” has a cult following among bloggers, editors, and beauty addicts around the world. With demand booming, beauty may soon be Korea’s top export! Okay, maybe not, but their approach is now popular around the world.  Why? Korean beauty brands focus on being both innovative (they brought us BB creams, after all) and accessible with competitive pricing and adorable packaging. Thanks to specialty retailers like SokoGlam and Peach & Lily it’s easier than ever for American consumers to try out small Korean beauty brands while Sephora, Amazon, and even Urban Outfitters now stock Korean beauty staples.

With such a dense market, it’s hard to know what to try first but I’ve dabbed, scrubbed, and tapped a lot of them into my skin to find you the 10 best Korean beauty products to try now!

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