You won’t be surprised to hear that a lot of times blogging means working from home.  Dream come true, right? For me, especially now that it’s finally getting cold, it can be hard to stay motivated while working from home. It’s way too easy to roll out of bed in my PJs, grab my laptop, and plunk down in front of the TV with a giant blanket. Cozy but, yeah, not exactly ideal working conditions.

There is something about the act of just getting ready for work by getting dressed (rather than lazing around in PJs) and doing my makeup that helps me jumpstart the day. Besides, if I’m dressed I’m far less likely to, say, take a nap! So before I even turn on the coffee pot, I make sure to get dressed in my CuddlDuds Software Stretch Cowl-Neck Tunic.   The  CuddlDud line is essential for the freelancer trying to stay motivated while working from home. I need to be comfortable so from November to June, I live in layers because, let’s face it, we never know what New England weather may do!

The cowl-neck tunic is my favorite piece to start with because it’s a stylish base layer. Not only is it super soft and comfortable for chilly mornings at my desk but the cowl neck style and clean shape means that I look put together when I do venture out of the house! After all, I want to look good if cute coffee house guy says hi!

Working From Home in CuddlDuds

But my favorite feature of this Cuddl Dud tunic is that the long sleeves have thumb holes! I don’t know what it is about a thumb hole but they make everything more comfortable. They also make layering super easy.

stay motivated while working from home
Cuddl Duds and coffee at my desk!

Cuddl Duds has partnered with Macy’s so it’s even easier than ever to find great looks that help you stay motivated while working from home or meeting friends for coffee!

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